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Annuities can be a tool to provide  retirement protection

  • Can help address market anxiety
  • Can help provide an income to help cover essential retirement expenses
  • Money invested in annuities grows on a tax-deferred basis
  • Not all annuities are the same!

Annuities may help provide a level of security in retirement.  If an annuity is used correctly, it can be a very powerful retirement tool.  We do not sell annuities, rather we advise our clients if an annuity may be a tool to help them reach their retirement goals.  As a fiduciary, we only work in the best interest of our clients and their unique retirement plan.

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Annuity Review

  • Don’t buy an annuity without a stress test
  • Annuity fees, value, and growth matters
  • Only purchase an annuity if it is appropriate!

A professional recommendation can help bring peace of mind that you’re protected. We run cost analyses to discern if your policy still fits you and your family’s needs. Updating an old policy can often improve cost and benefit.

Your retirement needs will be as unique as you are and an annuity may or may not be the most efficient tool to reach your goals. The issue with many annuities is they are not appropriate for the person who purchased them. An annuity stress test can help you understand what you’re paying in fees and the type of portfolio growth you need to maintain your lifestyle in the future.

Our tools break down all the complex details of your current policy. We can walk you through the pros and cons to help you better understand things like mortality and expense fees and riders. Once the stress test is completed, we will help you understand all your options.


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